Newport is a place of nostalgia for me. When I was in college, my family would rendezvous frequently to this little beach-side city (conveniently located 45 min from my university). As some of you know, LA = smog. But this little haven only held the sun or a light marine-layer, and I can totally get on board with that. This place reminds me of late night dinners + board games at friend’s homes, riding beach cruisers, great conversations (& people-watching) from our friend’s home + familiarity. I even remember one stressful finals week I packed up my highlander and hit the beach alone for the afternoon (only to find out the beach was straight freezing, so I grabbed lunch + drove back in LA traffic an hour later). This last Thanksgiving we grabbed sandwiches from Rose Cafe (10/10) and went straight to The Wedge (best body surfing spot in Newport) to watch people eat it (the surf, that is) + the sun set.  Thankful God gives us places that feel like home when we are far from ours – and for family that feels like friends. 

Christy JohnstonComment