Jack + Hillary met at a concert when they were 18 & 19 years old. This eclectic, soft-hearted duo quickly became some of my favorite people as we adventured through their elopement day in sunny/snowy Joshua Tree. Yup - snowy. The day was a gorgeous whirlwind: they were officially married at the courthouse in Palm Desert (I was the witness, Megan was the ring bearer - lol). And I won’t forget to mention the officiant had a coughing attack and had to leave the room mid-ceremony, to which we all laughed hysterically + tried to muffle our smiles when she returned (it didn’t work). Jack and Hillary tearfully exchanged rings & then we were off to their abode, ARRIVE, in Palm Springs. Ate a fabulous lunch + then drove out to a SNOWY Joshua Tree. I thought ash was raining down from the sky (PTSD from California constantly being on fire), but apparently snowflakes were falling in the desert. To say it was surreal would be a drastic understatement. Hillary braved the wintry desert in her gorgeous BHLDN cape (and sported the cutest FP velvet jacket). This Indiana couple has TASTE. And I applaud them for it. We laughed 90% of the day, and the remaining 10% was a mixed bag of endearment, tears + gratitude. I can’t even express in this short little blog how meaningful this day was - and I can’t wait to shoot their Indiana for all their family + friends this year! Enjoy, xoxo.

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