A variety of countries, accents + languages came to celebrate this international love (literally, there were translated table # signs on each table). Alba from Mexico, Rich from London… it may have closely resembled some sort of disney-esque romance and we were all stoked on it. These two fully welcomed me into their little family of friends for the whole weekend in Rosarito, Mexico. We instantly became bff’s & I loved every second of their eventful, taco-filled weekend (heck yes). Also, how they met was just cool // Alba was studying abroad in London and attended a church community group with a friend. Afterwards, the friends asked if they wanted to go to “Richard’s.” Alba agreed, thinking it was a trendy new pub. To her surprise, they arrive to a guy’s apartment and coincidentally met “Rich.” Fast forward through thousands of miles, countless plane tickets + FaceTime calls… they decided to get married & HERE WE ARE. Check out the photos, I hope they make you all giddy inside like they do to me.