Eclectic floor-length sleeves + bolo ties


Probably the coolest couple I’ve ever worked with - their day was eclectic, non-traditional, and a total blast only a few yards from the beach at The Casino in San Clemente. Mikey was a riot & Melanie was the raddest bride with her floor length sleeved dress from The Dress Theory. Funny story, Mikey was joking around with Melanie about what HE was going to wear on their wedding day and told her “I’m going to wear a suit with floor length sleeves..” - unbeknownst to him, Melanie had already chosen this stunning dress with floor length sleeves. When she came down the aisle he… well, you can scroll down to look. I think it’s safe to say Melanie is the one who “wore it best” when it came to sleeves. ;) Loved this day + these guys were awesome.

Christy JohnstonComment