Saint Lucia, to be honest - I’d only heard about it from the Bachelor. When I got an email from a Jen from Pennsylvania about her destination wedding in Saint Lucia, my jaw dropped when I googled & googled photos of this stunning and exclusive island in the West Indies. I eagerly wrote back, we swapped details/contracts & six months later I was on a plane to the most tropical destination I’d been in my life. We lived dreamy + balmy days in this jurassic-park style island (seriously, it’s shockingly mountain-ness), climbed waterfalls with their friends out in the jungle, snacking on sugar canes & fruit I’d never heard of before. Boris ended up spraining his ankle, so our initial plan of hiking a mountain for their couple photos was no longer possible day-of. Les & I stood out on the beach after the ceremony, trying to come up with a low-impact option that would make the photos still insanely gorgeous: then a little water taxi drove by. Then another. Then the idea struck - and after haggling with the captain we were aboard a water taxi shooting & laughing right before sunset. It was a dream and sometimes plan B’s are better than A’s. What a privilege it was to shoot this beautiful wedding - take me back!

Christy JohnstonComment