I met Chay when I creeped on her Instagram + reached out for her to model for a brand shoot a year & a half ago (my job is half-stalking, well.. maybe 3/4 stalking - but at least my people are aware of the fact they are taking photos haha). Anyways... Chay arrived on location with so much excitement + zest for life - she's an instantly likable person. We laughed, shot, & hung out for a couple hours - and I knew I had to shoot with her again! A few months later, I was helping host a workshop in Palm Springs and we needed a couple to shoot with some draft horses (it was pretty cool, tbh) - and Chay was again down and also down to "bring her friend." Well, this "friend" was Andrew (hint: he's the guy in the pictures below - except this time it's their REAL LIFE engagement photos). I was elated when she asked me to do their engagement photos - I felt like it was the highest compliment & such a soft-spot for me to shoot people I've worked with before. So, thank you Chay for picking me & thank you Andrew for loving Chay so well! I like you guys a whole lot, enjoy! xoxo