There are a million ways to describe this day – but I’ll try to keep it to a short paragraph. When Nash first reached out to me about engagement photos, she had trouble deciding where to do them because her wedding is going to be held in Joshua Tree (what! Um, I can’t wait). I suggested, without thinking they would actually say yes, the Los Algodones Dunes (in the middle of summer). Not sure what any of us were getting truly getting into, we hopped into my car in Palm Springs and drove three hours south. We chatted the whole way, about Scottie’s favorite dishes he likes to make (he’s a bomb chef) and Nash’s cute pups. However, when we drove up to the destination – we all fell silent. The sand dunes stretches hundreds of feet in the air, resembling something from Disney cartoons mixed with memories over my flights above Egypt.  Then we couldn’t stop talking about the scenery – “WOW, is this really real?” “It’s like a giant Zen garden – but without the rake.” Seriously. It was actually breath-taking, but that might also have been the fact that we ran up and down sand dunes and chugged water for two hours straight in 115 degree heat. It’s the place you hope a mirage doesn’t show up, because it was just so dang gorgeous. I’ve always been a desert fan- but this place truly pushed me over the edge.

Couples like Nash + Scottie make me so thankful – thankful that strangers will hop in an (over-heated) car with me, be adventurous enough to go the extra mile for something great and laugh the whole time. It’s always worth it. Love you guys! 

Christy JohnstonComment