WOW. I just counted, and I’ve been on 25+ flights in the last 6 months: travel has just become a part of my work schedule. Most of my couples are a plane flight away – and as someone used to be terrified of flying, never did I envision plane flights would become a part of my daily life. I now look forward to these sometimes short/sometimes lengthy flights - - and let me tell you why & what my four travel can’t-hang-without’s are:

(Disclaimer: nothing is sponsored, I’m not that cool…obvi).



1.     TSA Pre-Check (this one is for-sure not sponsored, because… #government)

For some strange reason, bad things happen at the San Diego airport for me. Love SD, and apparently they like me too because leaving is always quite the struggle: I applied for TSA Pre-Check on my phone while in mile-long line for security one evening before missing my flight. If you’re like me & you utilize all realty space in your suitcase, you know unpacking + re-packing with a line of angry travelers behind you is not how you want to spend your Friday morning. TSA Pre-Check was a GAME-CHANGER. It takes me on average less than 5 min for security, you leave shoes on & everything in your bag. It’s a cinch. $85 for 5 years, can’t beat that. You can apply here.  

2.     A suitcase that can hang.

I’ve burned through suitcases faster than I can type this sentence. I’ve borrowed family suitcases, used cheap suitcases, and even once bought one because it was trendy. Last year was running to a late flight in the San Diego airport (again, disaster falls) & my Herschel suitcase literally fell through its own wheels. Yup, picture me literally dragging + scraping the sidewalk with my dusty rose Herschel hard case with no wheels… trendy, right? You can probably still see the scratch marks through the terminal. Needless to say, I finally found something I love.


I had a LOT of skepticism on this company (because I don’t trust Instagram sponsored ads farther than I can throw them). I received this suitcase for Christmas…and I don’t want to say I didn’t have a lot of faith in this product.. but let’s just say I was keeping the receipt. But after using it for almost 6 months, it’s passed all tests with flying colors. I’ve got the Away “Bigger-Carry On” in Sand. Comes with a portable charger that is TSA-approved. This thing is LIGHT & durable - - rolls so easily over carpet (carpet should be illegal in airports, btw) and carries the weight of my camera bag like a champ. I can finally endorse it after tons of use & can officially say that it can hang. J  For a camera bag, I’ve been using this Manfrotto bag (it’s NOT trendy – but is utilitarian + the best dang camera bag I’ve ever owned).


3.     Fly ONE airline & ONE credit card

I do my best to only fly Southwest when possible (for domestic flights). I applied for their Southwest Chase Credit Card – and I keep all business transactions on this credit card which in turn gives me points (aka miles) for personal use (heck ya). Here’s the trick: NEVER use this credit card for personal transactions. That’s for a whole other blog post.. but have designated cards for personal & business (it will save you a lot of headache when tax season comes around). And it looks like you’ve got your ducks in a row with the IRS (two thumbs up).



Okay, starting off this one with a disclaimer: pizza is a staple of my personality and donuts are the bomb. I’m not saying I am the healthiest of eaters, but something that has changed the way I feel is vitamins (especially when traveling). I take the Doterra Lifelong Vitality Pack (I don’t sell it so don’t @ me for some lol), an iron supplement (three cheers for finding out I had low-grade anemia) and Airborne every single day. Knock on wood, but I rarely get sick: which is crazy with how notorious airports & airplanes are for germs/illnesses. I chalk it up to this little vitamin regimen that has saved me (and my energy) over the last couple years. I joke with my friend Megan who assists on weddings with me that half her job is reminding me to take my vitamins lol, I take it very seriously. ;)



For those of you who feel like the metal tube holding you up in the sky is going to careen towards the earth in an unintentional way… here are my bonus tips for getting over flight-fears!

-       Noise-Cancelling Headphones

This might not be necessary for you, but way-back-when I was terrified of getting on an airplane - - these babies were life-savers. It cuts all white noise while still being able to hear voices in case of an emergency. Probably the most relaxing part of flying for me.


-       Remember… flying is the safest form of travel. I figured out I needed to stop expecting the plane to crash, and instead expect everything was going to be okay (until noted otherwise by a panicking flight attendant). Sounds simple, but it helped me!


-       Do things that calm you/distract you: for me… it’s listening to worship music I love, a podcast, a book or a couple episodes of FRIENDS. ;)  Or befriend the people next to you & tell them about how you are afraid the plane is going to fall out of the sky in a fiery inferno – misery loves company…jk. Don’t do that. But conversations with those around you can help ease the mind + help you focus on something other than yourself/fear.


-       If nothing else, facing your fears shows you things aren’t as scary as you think. I was the kind of person who dreaded flights days in advance – now I genuinely look forward to getting on a plane because it not feels familiar & quieting (literally never thought I’d say that haha). But it’s true – keep facing your fears & you’ll find out there wasn’t too much to be afraid of in the first place.


Anyways, hope this helps someone out there! If you have a question or another thought to add.. comment below or shoot me a DM on Insta and I’ll get back to you! J


xoxo, Christy


PS: Anytime my twin Leslie & I are in a three-person row, we construct a “person” to try and save the middle seat. I’m not saying it doesn’t work…. but it doesn’t work.