I’m not sure I can fully tell you how much we weren’t supposed to be here. But I guess I’ll try —

When I first got an inquiry to shoot a destination wedding in the Caribbean, I thought - wow, what a nice dream that would be. But let’s be real, probably not going to happen so don’t get your hopes up (once I get my hopes up it’s a little difficult to bring them back down). Fast-forward, we signed contracts + I was stumbling over hotel reviews/flight packages to the West Indies to the tiniest island I’ve only known from the Bachelor, Saint Lucia.

Of course I invited my best friend/twin sister Leslie on this trip (she says she has dibs on all my ‘cool trips,’ I don't blame her) as my second shooter + travel companion. We decided to extend our trip to turn it into a mini-vacation, knowing we may never be back again. So we scoured the internet + happened upon the Sugar Beach Viceroy. We booked it through a less-than-informative travel website, so we really had no idea what we were getting into.

To say Sugar Beach Viceroy blew our minds would be an understatement… seriously: brains, everywhere. After two rigorous flights, we took a small taxi from the airport to the gates of Sugar Beach. I have a hard time conveying what we were feeling the moment we arrived, but it was a mix of jaw-dropping awe but mostly ‘is this right?’ Two massive Pitons (mountains) spiked out of the earth, creating a tropical funneled-valley that drops right into the Caribbean. Not only was the landscape eye-boggling, but we walked up to the place we supposedly booked - - wait, wait, I’m sorry, the butler (yeah- what the) walked us to, and I kept my mouth shut from saying “are you sure this is our place?” in case he would actually come to his senses + realize they put two 26 y.o. girls in a private home/villa, complete with a private pool, garden + 180 view of the ocean. But apparently this is actually the place we booked! Our time at Sugar Beach was like one long dream - the warm salty ocean, the sweetest staff (who constantly referred to us as “the twins!!” because we were the only non-honeymooners, on + off thunderstorms, almost getting stung by a poisonous sea urchin while diving off rocks, laying on ocean hammocks, finishing off our stay with a rain-drenched yet still golden sunset sail (ya gotta see those pictures) … anyways, the photos speak for themselves so I’m going to stop talking. We felt so thankful, shocked + probably said ‘I can’t believe this’ eight hundred times a day. If you go, Sugar Beach Viceroy is 100% the way to go (I feel like I don’t even have to add this as a disclaimer: but in no way is Sugar Beach sponsoring this, we are definitely in the we-pay-full-price for everything around here lol. But it was 100% worth it).

lessons // water taxi’s are always the way to go, Everybody Always by Bob Goff is an incredible book, don’t be too sad about the rain because the sun will be there in 15 minutes, watch out for poisonous urchins, alway take out the kayaks + be-friend the staff and ask a million questions: you’ll never get bored.

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