Les + I (yes, there are two people in these photos.. hint: I’m a twin!) grew up going to Palm Desert. It’s in my top 5 favorite places on earth – and I crave the heat, the sand & the way the desert cools off in the evenings. I could go on + on with the nostalgia, but I’ll keep it quick. On our way back from Europe, we stopped in Palm Desert for a few days before heading back home. We realized we both had never been to Salvation Mountain before – so on a whim we jumped in the car + drove south. This place has a high influx of tourism, but let me tell ya – it lives up to the hype. It truly is a hippie (disclaimer: the real, off-the-grid kind) haven. We ran around for about an hour, exploring & making friends with the local cats (also disclaimer: not a fan of cats... but I can’t really resist any animal). On our way back up to Palm Desert, we careened off the road to watch a K-Pop band film a music video at the Sultan Sea. Could our day have gotten any weirder? Anyways, highly recommend this little spot – but make sure to hit up the Imperial Dunes out there (also known as Algodones Dunes), that’ll change your life. Oh, and on your way back up go to Grill-A-Burger, it’ll change your life even more.

Christy JohnstonComment