Congratulations! I cannot wait to capture this incredibly special + exciting day for the two of you!

now what?

It's pretty simple + I'll walk you through it in 3 simple steps.


Sign contracts! Attached are the two contracts that will need to be signed by you + your fiance and sent back via email or mail. On the wedding contract, please fill out the highlighted sections. Please send your deposit/travel costs as soon as it is possible! (I can take check via mail, venmo, etc.).



Perhaps the MOST important step, this is your SHOT LIST. I print this for your wedding day so you don't have to remember a thing on what I should capture! This is very important for family photos. Nobody likes to spend precious time on their wedding day in confusion over "did we get that one uncle in the picture?" It's crucial to me that you can be carefree on your wedding day - so please sit down with your fiance and fill out every single family portrait you want (including names). I promise, it is worth it! Fill out one below and send via mail/email.

1. SHOT LIST (first look)   or   2. SHOT LIST (no first look)


Schedule! I truly believe your wedding day should be relaxed + meaningful, so feel free to leave room for the two of you to be relaxed during our photo-times. If you are not doing a first-look, it tends to be best if you can allot 30ish minutes for family photos after the ceremony, and then another 45min+ for couple photos. Go ahead and email me your schedule when you have it finalized! 


EMAIL: (not .com)


MAIL: Christy Johnston 4665 Clover Ranch Ln. Loomis, CA 95650

Make checks out to "Christy Johnston Photography"

Venmo Name: @christy-johnston


I love inspiration photos! If you have some ideas or photos you want on your wedding day, go ahead and make a private Pinterest board and invite me! My Pinterest username is @christylj5 .

Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions, or call/text at 916-303-6052.



Q: I want to have a relaxed, adventurous, meaningful photos taken on my wedding day... how can I best accomplish this?

CHRISTY: First of all, I think it's important to remember that this wedding day is about celebrating your relationship + building a bond for forever. It's not about pleasing everyone or rushing through the day. So I would say, be you guys! Don't be afraid to get your hair + dress a little tousled (a little photo-off-roading as I like to call it). Carve out space during our couple photos so you won't have to feel hurried. Give as much responsibility to other people as possible - so you can happily hop fences with me during golden hour while all the guests are happily sipping their drinks before the reception. :)

Q: What kind of gear do you use? What about post-processing?

CHRISTY: I always shoot RAW on my Canon 5D Mark IV. I shoot with a 35mm 1.4L II + 50mm 1.2L. I always bring a flash, back up batteries + a plethora of memory cards. I edit using Lightroom with my own presets I have made - and I will import into Photoshop if I think it is necessary!

Q: How many photos can I expect to receive from my wedding? Will they be edited? Will I have access to all the photos? How long will I have to wait to receive photos? 

CHRISTY: The range of photos depends on the hours of shooting, but for a typical 8 hour wedding, you will receive anywhere between 500-700+ edited photos. I do not give out unedited photos - because nobody likes that. ;) I do not charge an additional cost for editing, and I give you access to all the edited photos via Pixieset. My usual turnaround time for the edited photos is around 4-5 weeks. Engagement shoots will receive around 80-100 edited photos.

Q: Do you back-up my photos?

CHRISTY: Yes! My camera actually has a back-up system in it, where it will write on two memory cards at the same time. Also, the night of your wedding I download all the photos onto an external hard drive (just in case!). I also keep the photos on my cards for a while after the wedding. I always shoot with a second shooter as w